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I did listen to a record by Attwenger, which I really like a lot and I've been playing on the radio here in Britain. I have no idea what it's all about, but I like the general noise. A great deal. That's Attwenger.
(John Peel, BBC)

After four years of waiting we are extremely pleased to announce the release of a new CD by ATTWENGER called "SONG". More of the "head-banging lšndler-beat from the Wildest of the Alpine groups", as the Rough Guide to World Music put it. ATTWENGER is a hardcore Alpine music ensemble who are a sort of Austrian version of the Pogues. With the weird sound of a button accordion from the Steiermark mountain region played through a wahwah pedal, gunshot drum tracks and electronic hiphop rythms, they try to find the meeting point between folk music and punk. Old and new styles are contrasted, fresh and hard, by using reduced instrumentation arranged in an expressionistic and dense manner.





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