Texas Bohemia German
Ever wonder where cowboys like Jimmie Rodgers got their yodeling from? A town name like Schulenberg, Texas, offers a clue. The truth is, they got it from European immigrants, and even today if you travel through small towns in America´s West, sometimes in the middle of Texas, you´ll find orderly rows of houses with little gardens and clear German architecture, and authentic Bavarian polka and waltz bands blaring oompah oompah into the night. German journalist/musician Thomas Meinecke (who also fronts the spirited mutant Bavarian post-punk outfit F.S.K.) has travelled around Texas, collecting and recording German music that exists in America´s heartlands (his bandmate Michaela took the excellent photographs), and the results shine on this German import compilation, simply one of the most wonderful out-of-the-blue records you´ll ever hear. The crowning moment is Adolph Hofner´s "Beautiful America," a stomping waltz so full of optimism and patriotism it will bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded soul. This CD presents a smorgasbord of toodling tubas, stomping oompahs and spirited yodeling: if you like the Latin Playboys, Boozoo Chavis, Tom Waits of Dixieland jazz, it´s worth checking out. Ja! Sehr gut!
Texas Bohemia
CD-201 E/U
   Shiner Hobo Band
 Adolph Hofner
 Ray Krenek and his Orchestra  Vrazels & Majeks & Bobby  Jones Czech Band
 Jimmy Brosch and his  Orchestra
  The Henry Brosch Orchestra
 Tuba Meisters
 The Fayetteville Flash
 Lee Roy Mattocha's Orchestra  Vrazels' Polka Band
 Henry Tannenberger & his  Orchestra
 The Red Ravens
 Czech Band
 Knutsch Band
 Ellinger Combo
 Leroy Rybak's Swinging  Orchestra
 Joe Patek and Orchestra
 The Shiner Hobos
 Leo Majek Orchestra
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