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While mainstream Soul in the U.S. is into "parties, champagne and silk sheets", an anchronism has survived down South. Small independent record labels keep producing their "cheating" dramas for a regional market. Here the Blues-drenched stories of Bobby Blue Band or Dicky Williams still have the potential to become hits. Southern Soul reaches down into the depths of human existence. A ritual that demands religious dedication from ist protagonists: gospel-like dramas excessively enact the pain, while proverbs such as "Love Donīt love Nobody" touch on the unspeakable. Sobbing backround vocals, dragging horns and morbid church organs accompany the bands descending flight. The guitar may be out of tune, the drums out of time, the arrangement lacking. The message is never lost.

"This is a collection of deep soul which rivals the already legendary Dave Godlin CD for musical quality and soulful integrity. Do listen to it, but be warned; hear too much of it in one sitting and you may contemplate taking the Ede Robin option."
(Mike Atherton, BLUES & RHYTHM)

"When a soul compilation opens up with George Perkinīs "Crying in the Streets", you know itīs gonna be a blast. And this collection of screaming, soul-drenched, anguished heartbreak certainly is."
(Ken Smith, RED LICK)

"I am simply amazed at the quality of this compilation and the thoroughness of the sleevenotes. Clearly a labour of love."
(Steve Hobbs, BLUES & SOUL)

"Hardcore, real-thing 60s-style deep Southern soul, made for the local market. A few big names and acres of wonderful obscurities. Another exemplary Trikont compilation."
(Ian Anderson, FOLKROOTS)

"Another excellent new compilation from the Trikont people."
(Andy Kershaw, BBC RADIO 1)

Down & Out
Down & Out
The sad soul of the black south
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