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In Vietnam the clash of civilisations has produced some curiously colourful hybrids. When traditional Asian music mixes with the sounds of the West, Vietpop emerges in a wild variety of styles. This compilation gathers together music from the streets of Saigon in its many forms, including buskers with electric guitars, megaphones and portable amps as well as some idiosyncratic adaptations of country & western. There are reminders of the colonial past with some extraordinary brass band music. Nothing is stranger than reality! "The best record I've heard in the last year!" Mike Gavin, Ray's Jazz Shop, London "One of the best new releases!"
(Sabah Habas Mustapha, Folkroots)

Where transglobal crosspollinations used to be a side product of conquests and crusades, religious pilgrimages and silk and spice trading, aggressive US foreign policy has industrialised the process, restricting it to one-way exchanges at PX stores. American wars took rockīnīcola culture into deepest Indochina, but along with the terror, some good came out of it. Though the American presence in Saigon was cynical and corrupting, the bacillus culture forming around military bases developed disease-ridden freezones where local outsiders were permitted a precarious existence Hó! Roady Music From Vietnam (Trikont US-0249) is a stunning document, celebration even, of Saigonīs resilient streetlife 20 years after the USīs defeat. The appeal of American pop, most likely heard leaking out of squalid girlie bars, is evident in its impact on these electric guitar wielding grannie buskers with backpack amps, bar singers, Vietblues players, hustlers, funeral drumīnībass combos and bizarre US folk-ethnic fusioneers, taped amid screeching traffic noise, cop whistles, barking hawkers and insect-buzzing heat. Just as the jungle reclaimed detritus left behind by Gis, so these musicians have remoulded fading American melodies around Vietnamese templates, transforming them into vivid, shocking pink Vietpop and street music. And these slithering brass tunings and clattering percussion of Saigonīs funeral combos are truly worth dying for.
(The Wire)

Roady music from Vietnam
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