Schrammeln German
"Schrammelmusik" is addictive. It´s like oil in the veins. Only two violins, a button accordion and a contraguitar is needed, but they must play the old dances: not the watered down stuff offered to bus-loads of tourists every day in the noisy wine bars of Grinzing. Good music doesn´t prostitute itself. Good music must be searched for. It can only grow in silence. The soaring notes of the violins, which are soft and gentle even in the highest register, mingle with the vlevet harmonies of the squeeze-box and with the dry bass of the contraguitar, a Viennese specially with two necks. Originally the accordion part was played by a small clarinet but by the late nineteenth century this was already a rarity. In 1878 two classically trained violin players. The Schrammel brothers, being short of money, founded a trio with guitarist Anton Strohmayer called "Die Nußdorfer" after the suburb of Vienna where they performed. Following their success many similar bands formed and taverns (Heurigen) where the local wine was drunk became their venues. Despite its origins in rural dance music "Schrammelmusik" was never danced to. It was the opposite: the audience came only to sit and listen.
Soul Music of Old Vienna
 Schrammelquartett Pepi Wichart
 Original Wiener Trio
 Wiener Piccolo­Duett
 Zither­Quartett Rupp­Krause
 Quartett Lenz
 Neuwirth Extremschrammeln
 Soul Music of old Vienna
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