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The same Bavarian label is responsible for Finnischer Tango (Trikont US 0250CD), which charts the dance´s transmigration from Buenos Aires to Helsinki, via Paris. Taxing root as early as 1915 the Argentine hothouse flower proved hardy enough to make the transition to the cold northern climate, where the tango´s tightly lashed Latin passions have metamorphosed into the softer, rose-clenching formalities that preserve Finnish deccrum, no matter how deep vodka-sluked emotions run. Spanning 1915 to 1998, with the war years also represented, the compilation makes a legimate bid for the tango´s transformation into Finnish blues. Exchange is a two way business. The Argentinians gave Europe the tango, and for that we give them the pleasures of electroacoustic music. Arriving amid rumours of a long standing but secretive German-influenced experimental Electronica scene lurking in the shadows of Buenos Aires.
(The Compiler)

In Finland people don't want to believe that the tango was created in Argentina. Even film director Aki Kaurismaki says it's a Finnish invention, and true or false, it has become the national music of Finland. The Nordic version is played differently from its Latin relative; the syncopation has gone, it is played in a minor key and the accordion has replaced the bandoneon. The eroticism of the dancing couples has melancholic. The CD contains a comprehensive collection of unique Finnish tango recordings from 1915 to the present day. It includes rare historical 78s as well as songs influenced by musical fashions such as rock 'n' roll and pop. It proves that the tango can change without losing any of its soul.

Tule Tanssimaan
Finnish Tango
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