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HANK WILLIAMS is one of the musical heroes of the 20th century. He turned country music upside down and tore down its borders. From 1949 to 1952 he dominated the charts and from that day to this, his songs have constantly been covered by other artists. Here are 23 of the best.

"A motley crew from Charlie Rich to the Mekons tackle the great man in many and varied ways. Individually tracks run from the great to the strange; as a sequence itīs brilliantly bizarre. Recommended."
(Ian Anderson, FOLKROOTS)

"This is a totally off-the-wall exercise in weird, a kind of country meets the Twilight Zone. In fact, itīs not the country artists who make this such a fascinating experience. File under freak."

Hank Williams
Hank Williams
Iīll never get out of this world alive
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