Flashbacks Vol. 3:
Hot and Sexy

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Als bei uns das nackte Frauenknie noch als skandalös und unschicklich galt und Frauen beim Sex eher auf das Mutterkreuz als auf einen Höhepunkt hoffen sollten, war Sex das dominierende Thema des Blues. Man nannte diese Songs "Copulation-Blues".

  1. Alberta Hunter:
You can't tell the difference after dark 2.59
2. Oscar's Chicago Swingers:
New rubbing on that darn old thing 2.32
3. Sophie Tucker:
He hadn't up till yesterday 2.53
4. Oscar's Chicago Swingers:
I wonder who's boogiein' my woogie now 2.32
5. The Mississippi Mud Mashers:
Bring it on home to Grandma 2.50
6. Frankie ´Halfpint` Jaxon with the Harlem Hamfats:
Wet it (let the good work go on) 2.51
7. Cab Calloway & His Orchestra:
Nobody's sweetheart 3.17
8. Mary Dixon:
Daddy, you got ev´rything 2.46
9. Ethel Waters:
My handy man 2.52
10. Butterbeans & Suzie:
Elevator papa, switchboard mama 3.10
11. Lil Johnson & Black Bob:
Press my button, ring my bell 3.15
12. Bea Foote:
Try and get it 2.41
13. State Street Swingers:
Don't tear my clothes No.2 3.09
14. Victoria Spivey:
Black snake blues 3.14
15. Washboard Rhythm Kings:
Street walkin` blues 2.47
16. Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band with Frankie ´Halfpint` Jaxon:
My daddy rocks me (with one steady roll) 3.21
17. The Hokum Boys:
Caught us doin' it 2.42
18. Clarence Williams:
Organ grinder blues 3.03
19. Buddy Burton - Irene Sanders:
Electric man 2.48
20. Blind Boy Fuller:
Shake it, baby 2.49
21. Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs:
The hottest stuff in town 2.46
22. The Light Crust Doughboys:
Pussy, pussy, pussy 2.27
23 Mae West:
A guy what takes his time 2.38
24. Art Fowler & his Ukulele:
No wonder she's a blushing bride 2.21
25. Lucille Bogan:
Shave 'em dry 3.20