Flashbacks Vol. 5:
Gospel and Prayers
Hallelujah Music

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Ekstase und Trance finden sich in diesen 23 aufbauenden Songs, die zwar christlich gemeint, aber doch weitgehend vom afrikanischen Geist beseelt sind. Während man hier selbst in der Kirche strammstehen musste, flippten Afroamerikaner zum Lobe Gottes geradezu aus.

1. Roberta Martin Singers:
The old ship of Zion 2.59
2. Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet:
Golden Gate Gospel Train 2.33
3. Bessie Smith:
Moan you mourners 3.11
4. Sister Rosetta Tharpe:
Strange things happen every day 2.48
5. Golden Eagle Gospel Singers:
Shake mother's hand for me 2.34
6. Kings of Harmony:
Little David 2.47
7. Blind Willie Johnson:
Church, I'm fully saved to-day 3.06
8. The Charioteers:
Ezekiel saw the wheel 2.41
9. Georgia Peach:
Jesus knows how much we can bear 3.14
10. Thomas A. Dorsey:
If you see my savior 2.49
11. Georgia Peach & her Gospel Singers:
Do Lord send me 2.46
12. Golden Gate Quartet:
My time done come 2.43
13. Heavenly Gospel Singers:
The prodigal son 2.47
14. Dixie Hummingbirds:
Book of the seven seals 2.10
15. Reverend J.C. Burnett:
The gospel train is leaving 3.15
16. The Guitar Evangelist (Edward W. Clayborn):
Then we'll need that true religion 2.54
17. Elder Charles Beck:
Gabriel 2.36
18. Soul Stirrers:
I want to rest 3.03
19. Sister Mary Nelson, with J.Davis & C.Nelson:
The royal telephone 2.38
20. Utah Smith:
I want two wings 2.40
21. Southern Sons:
Lift every voice and sing 3.02
22. Mitchell's Christian Singers:
Them bones 2.59
23. Sister Clara Hudmon:
My loved ones are waiting for me 2.46