Universal González | German
The Chanson-inspired conjunto surrounding singer Claudia González, who joined long time ago the famous Hamburg band Goldene Zitronen, revive a wonderful genre. What begun in the sixties with Serge Gainsbourg has now a more modern dress. Apart from a few fantastic cover versions with new German lyrics Universal González starts out a lot of new songs supported by bossa nova rhythms and electronic reflections. Claudia sings about broken dreams, whores growing old and hoobling doves. While listenig to this CD you get the feeling of drifting away in an old French movie. Lots of pictures floating by connected by lyrical space and this gives you the impression of travelling away - far away. But remember: the fragile singing of Claudia Gonzalez is only one highlight apart from the elaborate arrangement by these famous musicans.

These songs are great, ….. fragile, ……reserved, …. near abyss.

And maybe you can call them chansons

Universal Gonzalez
Universal González

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