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Trikont - Our Own Voice is happy to welcome you. Due to limited resources we can not - for the moment - provide you with a comprehensive English version of our website. But we are offering English versions of our international productions. We are co-operating with distribution companies in the US, England, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Switzerland and Austria. Distribution companies address list ...


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Africa Raps
American Polka
American Yodeling
Johnny Cash
Dead & Gone
Dario Domingues
Dope & Glory
Down & Out
Willie Dunn

Flashbacks: USA
Fraunhofer Saitenmusik
Hillbilly Music
HÒ! Roady Musik from Vietnam

Die Interpreten
Michalis Jenitsaris
Daniel Johnston


Kap. Wlodek
La Paloma
Prayers From Hell
Rare Schellacks
Coco Schumann
Ich Schwitze Nie
Slow Musik
Texas Bohemia
Tule Tanssimaan
Universal Gonzalez
Floyd Westermann
Hank Williams
Rudi Zapf

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